With Regards to Modern Car Hire Contracts, What Do You Have to Do

With Regards to Modern Car Hire Contracts, What Do You Have to Do

Today’s car hire contracts involve two participants, the one hiring the vehicle from the other. So as to legally assure that both partners are covered from liability, car hire contracts are commonly drawn up and then signed by both parties.

Modern day car hire contracts also include terms of rental time, the number of payments, who is deemed responsible for issues like insurance, etc.

The Basics

Important information is always covered in a car rental contract:

  • This means the names of the parties involved: the lessee, (who is hiring the vehicle) and the lessor, (vehicle’s owner).
  • The full name and address of both parties is commonly included in the contract to provide even more protection.

Types of Vehicles

The type of vehicle which is to be rented is also included in a car rental contract. This includes trucks, motorbikes and all other types of PCO hire vehicles in London.

Plus, most car hire service companies have a range of vehicle classes to choose from, from the small to mid-sized saloons to luxury cars and SUV’s.


The cost of the hire contract is obviously going to be an important factor.

  • This will depend on the various features involved, in which car the customer hires and for how long.
  • Typically, things such as insurance, taxes and fuel can be tagged on to the quoted price along with other items.
  • These will depend on the operating practices of various companies and can differ between companies.

One crucial area of some car hire contracts is the issue of which party is held responsible for the insurance if the rented vehicle is damaged or damages another’s vehicle or property. Car hire services do provide insurance for an extra fee and if the lessee already has comprehensive vehicle insurance, he or she is already covered when hiring a car.

  • It is important for the lessee to check out with their own insurance company and find out whether they are correctly covered when renting out a vehicle, or whether they will have to sort out some insurance with the car hire service.
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Matters of Surcharges

There are various other methods for revenue for car hire services, so the lessee must indeed be cautious when putting their signature to a car hire contract. For example, when a car is being rented by the day, and handed over with a full tank of petrol, you must then return it in the same state (full) or get charged for petrol at a rate which is normally slightly higher than the current going rate.

Also, keep a look out for any surcharges on excessive mileage, GPS units, etc. And there may exist with some vehicle hire companies, certain restrictions as to just where a vehicle can be driven to and who is permitted to drive it, so make sure to look fully over the contract before you sign anything.