What Is There to Know About Mowing the Lawn?

What Is There to Know About Mowing the Lawn?

The art of lawn mowing is one of the most vital duties carried out when it comes to good lawn maintenance and maintaining this area of a home’s landscape is certainly of the essence. But, it’s not just the act of mowing itself, which makes a lawn look superb, there are many handy tips, which, if used properly, can certainly help to improve the great looks and good health of any lawn out there.

  • The standard kind of machine which is used in most lawn mowing is the rotary mower and uses the engine to rotate blades in a horizontal circle.

Most rotary mowers have been designed to collect all of the grass clippings as they are cut, and please remember that such clippings are a wonderful source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other essential nutrients, which can be sprinkled over the lawn after a mowing.

  • One of the more recent developments in rotary mowers is the mulching mower types, which scatters the grass clippings on the ground to break down and fertilise lawns.

Golden Rule

One rule to stick by to never cut more than one-third of the lawn’s height when mowing. Most quality mowers can be adjusted to cut higher or lower so as to adapt to different levels of grass heights.

And similar to when handing any other kind of machinery, please be careful to follow basic safety tips, which will reduce any chance of injury occurring when lawn mowing. You should first get to fully understand the mower’s safety features, as in the engines cut-off lever, and how it operates.

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Next, take a little wander around your lawn and check it for any rocks, stones or debris which can be dangerous if struck up by a high-speed blade.

  • Strong shoes and trousers will also give some protection.

Knowing When to Mow

An important factor to mowing, (apart from safety considerations), are matters of timing. Grass should definitely not be cut during or closely following periods of rain. The reason for this is grass blades will normally bend under the weight of any rainwater, which helps to make cutting that much more difficult. Anyone whose machine needs repairing, check out affordable and expert lawnmower servicing in Northern Ireland.

In addition, wet grass adheres to the blades and undercarriage of the mower, which helps it to do an ineffective job.

  • Plus, the mower wheels may even uproot small areas of grass, leaving bald spots and/or ruts.

But If You Must

If for whatever the reason, mowing has to be carried out during times of rain, try mowing in passes which are under half of the width of the mower.

This will help in keeping the blades spinning rapidly and helps to minimise any clumping of cut grass. If you take heed of the above advice, it will help to provide the best possible chance for a lawn which stays visually appealing and healthy for many years to come.