What exactly is an Exterior Wall Coating and what are its Advantages?

What exactly is an Exterior Wall Coating and what are its Advantages?

What are known as “exterior wall coatings,” are insulation and decorative treatments which have been designed for use on exterior masonry surfaces. They basically have two main purposes.

  • They provide low maintenance insulation and a much longer life span, due to their resilience to withstand any type of weather. This makes exterior wall coatings somewhat more expensive than that of plain old paint – but due to the high quality ingredients, you are getting exactly what you pay for.
  • They also offer a great looking and head turning finish to the exterior of any kind of building – simply check out any building with an exterior wall coating.

Is External Wall Insulation an Option which is Worth Pursuing?

Nearly all properties which were constructed before 1930 were put up with solid walls, so there’s no cavity space which can be injected and filled with insulation. However, today, these same solid wall buildings can be insulated with modern exterior wall insulation in Scotland.

  • The positive reasons for carrying out any insulating of this type is to slow down the movement of heat out through the walls, thereby radically reducing the heating demand.

In the majority of cases, homeowners will contact and consult with specialists in the field to do the work as it is not really considered a standard DIY job. And due to the insulating procedure involve the covering of the original brickwork, the process is going to significantly alter the appearance of all properties.

  • Because the outside walls are going to be highly visible, it is in the best interests of the property owner to get experts in who have the experience and knowledge of how to get the job professionally carried out.
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The Benefits

So, in summary, there are a number of issues to be addressed prior to installing external wall insulation, but the benefits are numerous, including:

  • It will increase the life of the wall
  • Cut back on heat loss and power bills
  • It will not disrupt the home when the job is being undertaken
  • Gives your property a brand new cool looking facade
  • It helps to allow walls to contribute to thermal mass (i.e. what is known as the ‘tea cosy’ effect)
  • It improves weatherproofing and even some sound resistance
  • It reduces condensation on internal walls

Becoming Increasingly More and More Popular

External wall insulation is slightly expensive, but also very effective. Adding it as part of a larger project of renovations to your home is one great way of increasing the value of your property, plus it’s not a job which needs to be done to the whole of the home, just the outside walls (and the roof, if so desired).

As an investment, it’s a really good deal because if you ever some time in the future decide to move to another location, the insulation and great visuals afforded by this type of job, will make your home a much more attractive and sellable property.