Tips To Arrange The Stuff Inside Your Refrigerator

Tips To Arrange The Stuff Inside Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators have become a necessity in every household, even in India. It helps to store fruits, vegetables, drinks and perishable food items. You may have given importance to energy efficiency and many other features, while choosing the fridge. You also know that food must not be overstuffed in the fridge because it cannot allow proper air circulation and can cause compressor to work hard. Unfortunately, you may not be aware that organizing a fridge is also crucial for maximum efficiency regarding food shelf life, easy access to reach

Refrigerator consists of different shelves. Besides, they also have hot and cold spots as well, which most of the people are not aware about. Hence, you need to arrange the food items in your refrigerator, according to the temperature at which you want to store them. The coldest part in a refrigerator is usually on top and bottom while the mid region is generally warmest. Here are some ways to organize the things well in your refrigerator. This will help you to save on energy and keep food healthy.

  • You should always store food in small containers to reduce the food spoilage rate. Remember, air acts like an enemy for most of the foods. In fact, air contacts with the foods can increase their spoilage rate. Hence, you should ensure that you minimize the air contact with the food items in your refrigerator.
  • One common mistake, which most of the people do is they store meat wrapped in a cover without any tray beneath it to catch the drips. Hence, in order to prevent the drips from spreading inside store this well wrapped meat on a tray or a plate. This will really help you to avoid unnecessary mess in your refrigerator.
  • Label all the containers in your refrigerator using a permanent marker. Mention the food item name along with date of storage. This will help you to identify the food items in your refrigerator easily.
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Refrigerator Shelves

Top Shelf: You can store pickled products, fruits, jarred tomatoes, curry paste, chilli paste, coconut milk, tomato paste and etc.

Middle Shelf: You can store cheese, roasted chicken, salsa, pizza sauce, cooked asparagus, eggs and sandwich bread in the middle shelf of your refrigerator.

Bottom Shelf: You can store Italian sausage, ground beef, raw fish, milk, butter milk and etc in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.

Fridge Door: It is the fridge door where you can store food items which don’t require high cold temperature. You can store eggs and drinks here.

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