The Importance of Winching and Lifting Equipment

The Importance of Winching and Lifting Equipment

When it comes to lifting or hoisting heavy items, there is no substitute for industrial grade equipment and machinery. This equipment is used across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • The building and construction industry
  • Marine and oil exploration
  • Engineering
  • The entertainment industry
  • The food industry

Indeed, where it is necessary to lift and handle heavier-than-normal loads, winching and hoisting equipment is used.

Buy or Hire Your Tools and Equipment?

Looking at the building and construction industry as a key example, it is important that every project manager organises the right tools and equipment for the job. There are plenty of national rules and safety regulations to comply with, and any delays can be disastrous for the stakeholders involved in the project.

In this context, whether one needs a wire rope hoist or a hand chain hoist is crucial to the daily operations of such a project. For this reason primarily, it is a good idea to hire specialist lifting equipment from an experienced company. Consider the following benefits of hiring:

  • Advice from a specialist company can be provided
  • Hiring equipment is typically a lot more cost effective than buying it outright
  • In some cases, winch and hoist operators are also provided by the hiring company for specialist applications

The fact is that many contractors may also have immediate, or any, access to their own equipment. Indeed, it is more than likely that they will not have the specific equipment required for the job, whether it be a single phase electric hoist or a hand chain hoist, for example.

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A Better Way to Run a Project

Furthermore, hiring from a specialist winch and hoist company ensures that all of the equipment to be used on the project will have been serviced, maintained, and safety checked before being hired out. This removes an especially annoying burden from the shoulders of project managers who cannot be absolutely sure that any equipment and tools introduced on-site by hired contractors will have undergone rigorous testing and servicing.

Where good advice is concerned, a specialist winch and hoist company can also provide lifting equipment that is fit for the purpose in question. For a building project, this may mean hiring a three-phase winch due to the heavy loads involved. For the food industry, it could mean hiring a customised light hoist system that is easy to clean so as to adhere to industry regulations.

The best companies in this industry will also participate in projects that require their expertise when it comes to winching and hoisting equipment. This could be as diverse as a large engineering project that has been funded by a local government, or an offshore oil drilling endeavour.