How An Advanced Eye Test Could Help You Monitor Your Health

How An Advanced Eye Test Could Help You Monitor Your Health

The technology and processes used to evaluate the health of our eyesight have improved considerably over the years. Because of this, it is now possible to detect the presence of diseases that would have otherwise required blood tests and CT scans.

These advanced eye tests are available to everyone and are a great tool in the fight to keep illness at bay whilst making sure that our eyesight remains healthy.

Optical Coherence Tomography Technology

This ground-breaking technology allows an optometrist to both quickly and accurately assess the condition of your eyes by producing a 3D scan. This process works by projecting layers of light over the eye which capture ultra-high definition images. Some of the illnesses and diseases that can be detected include;

  • The likelihood of a patient having diabetes which can lead to other health complications include the deterioration of eyesight.
  • It is perfectly normal to experience age related decline in the health and performance of our eyesight which can also be analysed through this technology.

One of the main advantages of this type of examination is that the presence of these diseases can be detected much faster than possible through other types of traditional testing methods. The direct result of this is that appropriate treatment can be commenced before the problem continues to develop. An advanced OCT eye test can be performed at any optician with the necessary equipment so get in touch with your local clinic for further information. You will find that the results of your test are available to you immediately after the procedure.

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Variations of Advanced Eye Testing

Eyesight technology is that advanced that there are several other methods which can be utilised to detect illness and disease. Some of these include;

  • Detecting eyesight deficiencies due to excessive use of video display units.
  • Glaucoma diagnosis which analyses the pressure levels present in each eyeball. An excessive amount of pressure would suggest that the patient is suffering from Glaucoma, which if left untreated, can rapidly cause further decline in eyesight.
  • A device known as a photoropter can be used to detect the levels of diffraction present in each eye. Such a test allows for the correct prescription glasses to be prescribed without the need for trial lenses.

How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Examined?

It is suggested that healthy individuals should have their eyes tested at least every two years. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions should undergo testing every 6 months which will greatly assist with monitoring the progress of treatment.

It is always important to make sure that any dramatic changes to your vision are referred to a specialist immediately. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, get in touch with your GP as soon as possible.

How Much Will These Eye Exams Cost?

Costs will vary but a standard eye test which can be performed at a supermarket optician will usually be cheaper. Advanced examinations will usually cost slightly more and are sometimes only available through selected optometrists.

For those interested in undergoing an advanced eye test, we suggest speaking with your local optician or using the internet to locate your nearest suitable clinic.

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