Fashion and Brands

Fashion and Brands

A person in an event either looks presentable or FASHIONABLE. Difference is a presentable is dressed according to the dress code of an event. While a fashionable person looks unique and becomes an eye candy of an event. What it could be which makes a person look fashionable? His dressing, the brand he is wearing. Fashion grosshandel is also becoming a style statement for people these days.

Fashion varies according to the society and class of a person. People belonging from high class society are found very fond of experimenting with their dressing and carrying style. The brands play the biggest role in making a person look fashionable. Now what is this brand is the question of fact?

Brand is the name term or design that distinguish one seller’s product from another. A brand consists of following elements:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Tagline or catch phrase
  • Graphics
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Sounds
  • Scents
  • Taste
  • Movements
  • Customer relationship management

From Dior to Dolce and Gabanna, from Emporio Armani to Escada, from LOVA to Louis Vilton, the world’s top brands are the fashion icon. A person wearing these will in any manner would look fashionable, stylish and an eye candy. The logos of these brands play an important role. A person wearing these brands will be recognized from the distance due to brand logos.

Red carpets or green carpets are the events in which actresses and actors or different famous people from business industry or may be sports, carry these brands and show cases them for their publicity.

Ramp a small walk away in an auditorium in which model performs cat walks, displaying dresses from different fashion designers! There is this trend in fashion industry to wear what has newly come from a ramp walk.

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People have become so conscious about their fashion and style statements; they are spending enormous resources for fashion. To look stylish is now more important than looking presentable and to look stylish one has to wear any brand or fashion designer clothes.

These brands and fashion designer clothes are so expensive that only rich can afford to wear them. A low class person will never be able to afford the brands and designer clothes. So it gives fan to the flame of brands and designer clothes being copied.

Copy trend is very much in these days. An average brand even associated with the large brand name is being opened and they provide you the product having similarities but the quality differs. These are affordable for low class people.