Factors To Consider When Buying Quality Mixer Grinders

Factors To Consider When Buying Quality Mixer Grinders

Mixer grinders are electrical home appliances that use the best feature of both a mixer and a grinder to enable basic functions like mixing, blending & grinding, in other words facilitates easy cooking in your kitchen

When buying this equipment one needs to take care of few important aspects like:-

  1. Wattage of the motor since it’s the main part. The more powerful the motor better the mixer and the grinder will be able to perform their function. However one needs to make sure that the machine does not emit too much heat or smoke or make noise when used continuously for a certain period of time.
  2. Check for the cutting blades as often the blades give up quite soon. As a result when cutting or chopping hard vegetables or food item, it is not evenly done.
  3. Make certain that the motor unit and the jars are made of durable and long lasting material. Sometimes the quality of the jar is not too good and the jars develop cracks; the handles give away too soon.

Some of the best mixer grinders have features like:

  1. 3 jars – one dry & one for wet grinding and one for mixing. The one meant for wet grinding is the bigger one. This one can be used for grinding hard food items like coconut, mincing meat or making batter for idli-dosa. The smaller jar is used for dry grinding especially making coarse powders. This one can be used for grinding coffee beans too.
  2. 3-speed control with piano like button switches
  3. Automatic shut-down feature
  4. A dual locking scheme that does not allow the machine to start until and unless the jars fit to the motor unit perfectly and the jar lids cover the jars tightly to avoid all kinds of spillage of contents.
  5. A circuit breaker defense mechanism
  6. Is able to function between 500-750 watts
  7. Powerful heavy-duty motor
  8. Anti-slip and anti-skid feet
  9. Sturdy ABS body & stainless steel jars
  10. Stainless steel blades
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A juicer is an electrical kitchen appliance that has been designed so to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. There are generally 2 jars – the longer one is perfect for extracting juice from soft fruits and vegetables like banana, guavas, mangoes, onion etc. The jar that is wide and has a feeding tube at the top helps to prepare juices from citrus fruits. This juicer is fitted with an outlet for extracting pulp from it.

The JMG, short form of the juicer mixer grinder is a machine that has all the functions in one appliance. On the other hand the juicer mixers is another derivative of the kitchen appliance that performs the task of blending, kneading and juicing together as part of a single machine.

To buy the best mixer, juicer or the grinder shop online.  Since the price of these appliances is really not very high, hence it is better to check some of the models online, the technical specs and prices and draw up a quick comparison before taking the plunge and buying the final one.