4 Tricks to Get The Most When Buying Women’s Clothes Online

4 Tricks to Get The Most When Buying Women’s Clothes Online

Is there anything more fun than logging onto the web and buying designer dresses? You can turn up the fun even more by making sure that you get the best deals on the hottest trends while saving the most money by following our 4 tricks, starting with:

Sign Up for Regular Newsletters

If you have one or more designers whose clothes you absolutely adore, then by all means sign up for their newsletter. Newsletters are more than just a way for companies to get PR information about their newest and latest lines out to you. They’re also a great way for companies to tell you how you can get your hands on some great deals that are only available to their newsletter subscribers and online shoppers.

“Friend” and “Follow” Designers on Social Media

Apart from signing up for a designer’s newsletter, you also want to check in and see if they have social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. This is another way for you to get in on some exclusive limited time offers that may only be available to their social media followers, and you’ll likely be let in on some sneak peeks of upcoming collections for the next season.

Measure Yourself Properly

Never go by a simple “Size 4” or “Size Large” measurement on a piece of designer clothing. Each designer may have a completely different standard to which they measure their clothes by. So what one designer thinks is a size large may be a size medium to another. Buying clothes can be a total hit or miss – unless you measure yourself properly prior to purchasing. Most designer websites layout the exact dimensions and measurements for their garments online; if they don’t, by all means contact their customer service and request it.

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Be Flexible With Shading

Your monitor, their camera, and the lighting used to snap a pick of your beloved garment can all affect the exact shade of the garment in the image you see online. When purchasing any clothing online, you have to be a bit flexible in terms of the exact shade that you’ll receive. What you may think is going to be rich lavender may be a bit paler or darker in comparison to the photograph that you saw on the designer’s website. If you’re really particular about the colour, then strongly consider shopping offline.

Shop for Shipping Discounts

While plenty of designers offer free shipping regardless of how much you spend, some will have purchase amount thresholds you must meet in order to obtain a discount. If this is the case for you, then shop until you meet those thresholds, or wait until they have special “free shipping” offers (which most do from time to time). Don’t have enough in your cart to get free shipping when buying designer clothing online? Then throw in a cute accessory that you think will compliment your hot new dress or blouse. Chances are that accessory costs exactly the same as the shipping price you would have otherwise spent.

About the Author

Women’s clothes online had always been a passion for award winning Australian designer Kelli Wharton, the creator of Talulah, even before “online” existed. From the age of 14 Kelli began sewing and showing her appreciation for colour and fabrics, which translates over to the bold, flirtatious and extremely feminine designs which the Talulah brand boasts today.

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Each and every season promises to deliver playful and girlie patterns and details that are sure to delight and compliment the wardrobes of every woman. Stylish and good for everyday wear, the Talulah brand has become synonymous with versatility, femininity, and freedom. Take a step into Talulah’s world and enjoy the fresh and effortlessly chic confidence that her online clothes have to offer.